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medical fraud

Decent Doctors
I was thinking of various doctors I have seen in my life beginning before the age of ten. Dr. Sydney P. was first and a most excellent doctor. If you've seen Ken Burns documentary, ''The War'', you've seen him as he was in three episodes. I was tickled to see him again with his sense of humor and the tale of how a WW2 marine island hopper became a doctor. Although not said by him, it didn't take a rocket scientist to understand the motivation was simple human compassion. I'd seen the same thing in two very excellent surgeons, both vets of the Korean conflict.

The next docs were when I was in college and came with the company that employed me, Northrop Page Communications Engineers. Not much need for ''doctoring'', teens are bullet-proof! Yeah. Right. In my second year, I was working 30 hour weeks, taking 23 credit-hour quarters including calculus, chemistry, programming, and engineering graphics. One day at work, I suddenly found it very difficult to breathe and had a blinding pain in my left chest. Not good at all. The guys quickly hauled me over to the clinic where a young doc promptly diagnosed the problem as a precordial catch syndrome, quite common in ectomorphic starving students! I can only imagine the misery and expense, insurance or not, that I would have gone through if a lesser doctor had been in attendance. The cure? Slow down. Quit burning the candle at both ends and the middle. Worked fine. There were several other med problems over the years, all resolved and my confidence in the docs was 100%.

I moved to Silicon Valley (San Francisco) in late 1970 and, of course being 20, needed no doctor! Dr. Carlos P. was our company doc and was exceptionally good but I'm biased. He had been an F-86 pilot during Korea and instead of dog-eared 3 year old Good Housekeeping and Family Circles, he had the latest Aviation Week and Flying mags in his waiting room. Since childhood, I had been flying with my charter pilot/flight instructor/barn stormer father and I approved! During my time in California, he treated a broken knee, a broken coccyx (hey y'all, watch this! ;-), and a badly infected right arm. All tended with skill and knowledge.

My new wife and self moved to Lake City under a one year contract to assist in the design and development of the Veterans Administration Center for Endoscopic Programs (VACEP). Wound staying a wee bit longer! Our doctor was Richard W., an excellent family doctor, even delivered our first son. Our medical needs were those of a typical young family with the exception of me. I needed the usual for a little broken this, sprained that, a stitch or 20 now and then... Ever wonder why women outlive men?!

Took a 2 year hiatus in 1985 to work at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico returning after a trio of our illegal alien brothers fractured my skull, broke my neck in 2 places, broke my right wrist, hyper-extended my left wrist, broke my left shoulder joint and scapula, and gouged out my left eye. I loved the lab and the work, however Albuquerque wasn't very family friendly. If you've been reading the news lately, New Mexico is rated the most crime-ridden state with Albuquerque having 16 times the violent crime rate of NYC! Sounds like they've improved since my time there..

You would think I'd have a doctor story or two after that. Unfortunately the skull fracture caused a lot of brain swelling and all I recall was a tremendous amount of pain that seemingly took forever to go away. Actually the pain never went completely away and for the first time in my life I began having headaches including migraines. It's really no surprise that I've wound up with a brain aneurysm variety of stroke. How do you feel about illegal aliens and open borders?

Returning to Lake City, Dr. Barney V. did the follow-up on the disaster that was me. He did as best he could given the mess he had to work with and I was quite satisfied with him and his communication with me on the grim options available. Other than keeping the box of loose parts that I'd become bolted together, most of the doctoring over the following quarter of a century was pretty normal and handled professionally.

Medicare Fraud
Since this document was conceived, it has gone through several versions, mostly because the subject matter was too complex for a reasonably brief expose'. That, and it causes my blood pressure to become dangerously high if I dwell on certain sections...
In October of 2010, I had a major stroke. The recovery period isn't a lot of fun.
I was released in June of 2012 and want to credit the physical therapy team in Macclenny for helping me so much.
Being a rather reclusive sort of person since loosing my wife in 2004, and being estranged from the pitiful remains of any blood kin for decades, my two good friends and their families made up the majority of my social life and it was very satisfactory. One gentleman vanished shortly before my stroke and the other had a heart attack. I woke up. He didn't. The remainder were hunters I allowed over for many years, one of which I had just sold the land to ahead of following my wife and my plans for retirement in 2012. If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. If you really want a guffaw, tell him your new plans when the first ones go to hell.
Since the 'retirement' fund consisted primarily of high tech military and scientific equipment plus a collection of very valuable antiques, it was in the house and lab. Three guesses and first two don't count. He is unfortunately the type of slime this world has too much of. There were about three or four months left before the completion of the law suit. Sad things had to be that way. It's waaaay too common.
Well, I had months to kill but was extremely lucky in having a young engineering friend, a pilot to boot, who came over after supper most evenings. He made the time well spent and his wife would often send me excellent suppers. Life was pretty good and I expected it would improve. Wait for it...
Piney Woods was primarily black with one white couple, one old white man with a few loose marbles, and myself in the residential section. I thought that after four months, I had made friends with a few of the young blacks. Soulless Hell-spawn. Not even a trace of human, just rabid, diseased, monsters. I was a 5' 4'' crippled, gray haired old white guy wearing clothes Goodwill wouldn't take, and at least one knew I had no money to feed their goddamned crack habit. I was thrown, wheelchair and all, into a brick wall. Seems the $12 in my wallet wasn't enough. Ever heard the term 'chimp-out'? I've seen one. Pure, vicious, ape. Wish it were different.
10 1/2 hours later my engineering buddy and the general manager opened the dead-bolt finding me unable to move or speak. I've never experienced pain that severe without blacking out. That was the day for my monthly check-up (BP, heart rate, general stuff) and I was going to go to the clinic myself as it was only a mile away but my friend insisted on coming over to take me. God works in mysterious ways.
You might have noticed the rest of the maggots at Shady Pines did not come to my aid. Those creatures were not human beings.
Well, the trip was to Lake City Medical Center instead. Hip broken such that titanium rods were required to be installed from near my knee to inside the ball joint. Thanks a lot you bastards.
After a job well done by the surgical staff and rehab crew at LCMC, I was discharged for major rehab (again) and to continue to follow up on asset recovery.
I've worked in several hospitals and it gets pretty easy to tell well-run, efficient outfits with personnel that know what they are doing like LCMC from the schlock jobs with folk standing around doing nothing, smells that are more than worrying, drunk doctors for heaven's sake, forgotten patients left on bedpans, gross violations of safety rules...
If it sounds like I might know something about the latter, what happened to Lake Shore? It used to be such a nice hospital.
{insert SLS document}
The following section is very difficult to write as I have had very good relations with my doctors in real life. It's difficult to understand how such a huge number of “doctors” that I have been sent to since coming to SHCC could be so utterly untrained, rude beyond belief, in one case undoubtedly insane, all a hazard to health, and all committing fraud plus theft. Instead of ''first, do no harm", I've often wondered what these creatures believed it to mean.
For example, it was deemed I should receive a heart sonogram, after all I had just survived a bout of pneumonia (no thanks to SLS). Of course the exam was to occur at the remains of SLS, where else? The jackass commenced to pounding on my upper chest with the transducer, why I had no idea other than he was mentally the equivalent of a retarded piss-ant. This mental midget continued this nonsense for somewhere around 15 minutes totally ignoring my attempts to get him to stop, he was bruising the crap out of my chest. Of course dot-brains rarely speak useful English.
The next one had a name I could remember, Chowderhead. Something like that. The name fits anyway. It was supposed to give me a breathing test, volume and pressure. I was surprised to see a Anglo nurse. Guess his niece was busy.
She and I went into an exam room where the breath device was and found out it had zero resistance, a broken hose I expect. She was looking into the problem when Chowderhead walked into the room and told her “just put anything down”, then left the room. She was shocked. Guess she was new to dot-brains.
Neither of the above “tests” were ever completed. Guess they were unnecessary after all. Besides, the worthless bastards got their Medicare money.


Dr. Mohammed G. Choudhury, MD

Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine

  • (386) 755-9457

Dr. Choudhury's Overview

Dr. Mohammed G. Choudhury graduated from the Dhaka Med Coll, Dhaka Univ, Bangladesh in 1976. He works in Lake City, FL and specializes in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Choudhury is affiliated with Shands Lakeshore Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Choudhury's Experience

Years in Practice: 40 (why no ratings?)

Conditions Treated by Dr. Choudhury


Does that mean that I’ve got somebody else’s ticker? Man, those hindus have made great strides in medicine, a whole heart transplant and nary a scar!

...oh, wait. Three years ago, some hindu gave me a colonoscopy under full anesthesia. Could it be that my heart was exchanged through my asshole?

..utterly brainless shithead)

Procedures Performed by Dr. Choudhury

Dr. Choudhury's Specialties

Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine

Dr. Choudhury's Education & Training

Medical School: Dhaka Med Coll, Dhaka Univ, Bangladesh; Graduated 1976

Dr. Choudhury's Rating

Rate This Doctor (pure, un-adulterated shit)

Overall Rating
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(...after 40 years?)


  • Explains conditions & treatments (bullshit)
  • Takes time to answer my questions (ditto)
  • Provides follow-up as needed (‘mo money, Mohammed)

Dr. Choudhury's Accepted Insurance

  • Aetna Choice POS II
  • Aetna Managed Choice POS Open Access
  • Aetna Signature Administrators PPO
  • BCBS Blue Card PPO
  • CIGNA LocalPlus
  • CIGNA Open Access Plus
  • Florida Blue BlueCare HMO
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  • Florida Blue BlueSelect
  • Florida Blue NetworkBlue
  • Great West PPO
  • Humana ChoiceCare Network PPO
  • Humana HMO Select
  • UHC Choice Plus POS
  • UHC Options PPO
...and you wonder why you pay so much for pure shit...

Other Physicians in Dr. Choudhury's Practice

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Conditions (mis)Treated by Dr. Choudhury

Yeah. Right. He wipes his ass with his bare left hand. The sorry goat-fucker couldn’t lance a boil.

Procedures Performed by Dr. Choudhury

Dr. Choudhury's Specialties

Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine, wallet cleaning


Location - Mohammed G Choudhury MD 155 NW Enterprise Way
  • Average office wait time - Under 15 Minutes (really? ...I wonder why?)
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Office cleanliness
  • Courteous staff

This next one is kinda cute and occurred while I was still at Macclenny. This tall drink of water comes into my room and gargles a bunch of marbles at me. No English as usual. This would be a true handicap for a real doctor but these arrogant, pig-ignorant trash find it no impediment. Finally, with much gurgling and blurping, I got the idea it wanted me to lean forward. It then very rapidly tapped me on the back with its stethoscope 4 times in about ½ second, gabbled and gargled a bit more, then left. I sat there for a while a bit bemused until I understood what it was doing. There was no information possibly available in that “exam”, the swine probably needed to make a car payment.

This one is cute as well. I find the many bus trips from Live Oak to dot-brain “clinics” in Lake City rather uncomfortable due to my sense of balance being dicky-doo since the stroke. This next trip was the usual 50 round trip miles, wait endlessly, then be escorted back by a young dot-brain and stand on a scale. That's it. Wait 2 hours for the bus to return. Have some extremely unkempt thoughts about a certain swinish bunch of worthless bastards. I wonder how much Medicare is billed for this shit? This type of crap was very common. There is one of these swine that I'm putting under separate cover. Its ineptness is killing people.

How about some dentistry? Got your barf-boots on? Actually I don't want to write about this. It's pretty sickening. At least it doesn't start badly.
If you are delicate, you may not wish to read this. I normally do not use questionable language and although this document has been re-done three times to "clean it up", some remains. Sorry 'bout that (not really).

The following began in the Spring of 2011.

Soon after I regained consciousness after my stroke, Macclenney Nursing & Rehab sent me over to a dental clinic to have my mouth looked after. I had spent 3 days alone on a concrete floor after the stroke and, well, my smile needed some help. I lucked out in having a competent little German doctor as diagnostician. He and I went carefully over the X-ray and the news wasn't too bad. 8 teeth broken, however all but one of my fillings knocked out. He said 2 trips to the dentist plus some time to treat gingivitis.
Shortly after that, I was discharged and planned on going to one of the good dentists in Lake City. It would take a few months, however I'm in no serious discomfort. Of course you already know I gave God a good chance to laugh.
Well, as you know, I wound up at SHCC. I was sent to a Mayo “dental clinic” where they began taking X-rays with equipment older than I. Why not use the excellent tomographic X-ray from the previous dentist? Could it be money?
When he began working on me, he surprised me by just doing a few teeth, no attempt to soften the very sharp socket edges, or stitches to keep everything in place. Interesting. Sent me back with a chunk of cotton to soak up the blood and keep from chewing myself up until the local wore off.
The next visit was nearly identical with the exceptions of my mouth not healing due to the sharp edges of the sockets and him slipping with the pliers and cracking a perfectly good tooth. I asked a good nurse friend of mine what this clown’s plan was and she told me he was just milking my insurance.
The following visits are noteworthy by having this excuse of a dentist begin doing one tooth at a time. Gets to soak insurance for the local, the office visit, plus the “work”. Just for your knowledge, I am unfailingly polite to people with instruments of destruction in my mouth.
Finally, he's finished with the pulling and starts with a lost filling. His nurse comes in the room and whispers something and they walk out. I've never seen him since. Ran out of money to steal. What have we learned?
1) the creature is incompetent,
2) it is a sociopath,
3) it doesn't have a name ( I asked it on 4 occasions)
My mouth hurts like crap to this day, chewing is a bloody mess, the tooth he broke is crumbling, and I am having wonderful thoughts about the person that keeps making these disastrous appointments.
About one groundhog's day worth of weeks, another appointment was made for me. As was most common, it was done with me as a mushroom – kept in the dark and fed horse manure. I was taken somewhere north of Mayo (I think) to a dental clinic where a pretty lady had me fill out some forms, then she vanished for a bit, came back and required X hundreds of dollars to see the dentist.
It was a long drive back to Live Oak.
Another groundhog's day worth of weeks go by before another mushroom appointment is made, this time in Gainesville. Maybe some hope! We get there and the driver wanders up and down this medical plaza without finding the place. Turns out there is this old, broken-down strip mall across the highway.
We went in to find a filthy waiting room in another dot-brain dump. The hindu woman behind reception doubled as the X-ray tech. I thought they were required to know what they were doing. This stupid, stupid piece of dog squeeze knew absolutely nothing. She stuffed my head in the ancient machine with one shoulder much higher than the other, stuck a piece of plastic toothpick in my mouth (causing bleeding of course), then proceeded to X-ray my skull, eyeballs included, over-exposed by a factor of at least five. By the way, I'm alleged to be in to complete my fillings, no new X-rays required.

More on this later.
Next stop, the exam room. I wasn't the least surprised to find the place absolutely filthy; baseboards, corners, and the bench next to the exam chair covered with grit, the ballast for the '50s style exam light in the middle of the floor with one corner pried up, just a grand place to be. Of course my mind is completely made up; I wouldn't bring a rabid bat to this dump.

Then came a complete surprise – the “dentist”,
Safwat B. Attia, came in wearing a ricktus grin, the mad type you've probably seen in old Vincent Price movies or horror movies such as “10,000 Maniacs”. He never varies the mad grin, just continues to glurp and wargle his mouthful of marbles. He then produces an old-style triangular ladies hand mirror and proceeds to see how close he can force it to my forced-open mouth. The goddamn mirror is covered with dried spit including a huge blob of dried snot. This asshole is sick. Spongiform encephalitis? Needless to say, I got the Hell out of that pit. And no, don't pardon my language. This piece of ignorant, arrogant, worthless hindu crap was the last one I will see. Too bad 99.9 % of the hindu ''doctors'' give the remaining 0.1 % a bad name...
I looked up that last piece of hindu crap on the internet. It's a true work of art. Do we have anything approaching a medical board of ethics? If we do, is it run by the same type of crap that it is supposed to investigate? It is definitely run by utterly unethical creatures. I've had it with this gross incompetence.

General Information
Dr. Safwat B. Attia, DDS (or DBS, pick one)
Gender: N/A | English (bullshit)

4000 W Newberry Rd Ste E, Gainesville, FL 32607

(352) 378-3131


No about information for Dr. Safwat B. Attia is on record. (why am I not surprised?)


Dentist (POS)


(none listed? Again, I’m not surprised.)

Graduate School:
No education information for Dr. Safwat B. Attia is on record.
(wonder why? Could it be that it is pig-ignorant? It’s hindu so that’s a safe bet)

Group Affiliation:
No Group affiliation information for Dr. Safwat B. Attia is on record. (ditto)


(none? Geeeee, who’da guessed)

DEA License Type:
(again, none? Ho-hum, it’s just another piece of hindu shit)

Practitioner (of what? It sure isn't dentistry)

Hospital Affiliations

No Hospital affiliation information for Dr. Safwat B. Attia is on record. (thank God)
After checking 9 additional practitioner sites, I found exactly zero ratings for this total quack. This “thing” is insane.

Suwannee Health Care Center. Oxymoron. Who makes these appointments? No, don't tell me. Since I will never accept another appointment made by SHCC, it does not matter.

Just remember what Albert Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result each time."

X-rayed Eyes
You may wonder about my references to unneeded X-rays throughout these documents. If you read on, you will find out that I have an extensive background designing radiological sources and instrumentation. In addition, I've seen the effects of the extremely stupid operation of dental X-ray equipment. Why such extremely stupid pieces of “human” debris is even allowed around X-ray equipment (or any equipment for that matter) eludes me.
I had my eyes examined shortly before the irradiation of my head, all clear. I had them examined just after that last asswipe nuked me, now I have cataracts. These assholes DO NOT have any idea what they are doing. So much ignorance in "people" we entrust our healthcare to and we get this type of shit?

NOTE, The following was written over a year later :

Average background radiation is considered as 4.5 milliSieverts per year or 4.5/365 = 0.0123 mSv per day.

0.0123/24 = 0.000514 mSv/hr. This converts to 0.05901 mR/hr which is about right for high altitudes. I’ve measured 0.08 mR/hour at 30,000-plus in an airliner. the announced dose (by the dental “industry” of course) of 8-10 days equivalent background dose per dental tomographic X-ray is 0.06 x 24 x 9 = 13 mR. ...hmmmmm.

Now factor in the old-style sensors which were a minimum of 4 times less sensitive (much more for the earlier sensors. Varian said the earliest in use (the only type pieces of dung like this jackass would be able or willing to afford) were greater than 600 times less sensitive which brings the dose up to :

0.013 x 600 times the over-exposure minimum of 5 times, plus the number of over-exposures, 3, that that ignorant, piece-of-shit cunt (YES, I’m pissed off) exposed me to and you get 117 rads minimum dumped on my old eyeballs. No-fucking-wonder that bitch gave me cataracts. ...and I’m expected to “see” another one of those arrogant, narcissistic, pig-ignorant hindu piece-of-shits for eyeball surgery?”


My poor wife went through something similar. She needed some dental work done when we lived in Albuquerque and there wasn't a lot of choice if one wanted the work done in less than a year except “trained” mexican dentists. Really good types. This was supposed to be just “routine” implant surgery, however it went on trip-after-trip, one “infection” after another, and, unbeknownst to me, full head X-rays each time. Both her and I were insured to the gills and the swine were just slurping at the trough.


Well, we ended up down here to escape the crime-ridden city of Albuquerque with the problem unsolved. The implants were even beginning to literally fall apart. Fine quality work and materials you got there Jose'.

She had to have something done and a very fine young oral surgeon down here did it. He diagnosed the continuing “infections” as an allergy to the epoxy used to set the implants into place. Knowing the quality of the rest of the work, probably J-B Weld bought at the auto parts store...

Oh yeah, did I mention that the taco benders gave her a fine set of cataracts? The swine could care less. X-rays are particularly hard on non-renewed tissue such as corneas. She was unable to drive, read, or even see television until she had her eyes repaired. We found an excellent eye surgeon in Gainesville and 7,400 non-insured dollars later, she was able to see again.

An interesting observation on the $7,400 bill, it was divided such that the surgeon, a human being, got $1,400 per eye and the clinic, owned by hindus, got the rest for a total of $4,600 for 30 minutes of dentist-type chair use. $9,200/hour chair fee! Fan-damn-tastic. Knowing what I know now so many years later, I get the shivers thinking we might have accepted a hindu surgeon.

Can you even imagine a Ganesh-gobbler performing delicate eye surgery? ...makes me ill just thinking about it.

It seems that all these H1-b “skilled doctors” share one thing in common. They are “skilled” in getting paid by their victims to make their victims more miserable. If you have a H1-b, expect shit because that is the best you can expect.

It is becoming more and more difficult to eat after that piece of shit “dentist” worked me over and it'll soon be impossible. Obviously, I need no new X-rays but I will need a copy of the last ones done or have even more unneeded X-ray exposure.
What’cha wanna bet these pieces of shit won’t have them?

Just to give you giggles for the day, I thought I would tell you of the hindu “record-keeping” brilliance that keeps American medicine soooo good.

Several years ago, I was sent on another useless trip to a dot-brain “clinic” (clinic for enriching pig-ignorant thieves) across from the remains of Lake Shore Hospital for absolutely no reason. The doc absolutely gob-smacked me as he was a young Caucasian, the first and last I was to ever see outside of SHCC.

He came into the examination room and we exchanged the normal pleasantries, he then looked at my chart in his hands, then me, back to the chart and announced that he was only up here for the day from Gainesville to fill a shortage. Then he showed me the chart.

Name: check
Age: check
Height: 6’ 5”. I’m 5’ 4”.
Weight: 330 lbs. I weigh 120.

He smiled at me and left the room.

About an hour later, the bus brought me back to Live Oak.

Here’s another. I’ll get the whole document scanned in eventually, however in the meantime, my discharge papers from SHCC had the following statement:


Does that mean that I’ve got somebody else’s ticker? Man, those hindus have made great strides in medicine, a whole heart transplant and nary a scar!

...oh, wait. Three years ago, some hindu gave me a colonoscopy under full anesthesia. Could it be that my heart was exchanged through my asshole?

Third World

India has a serious public health problem. An excellent article is at:
and I rarely find a Times piece worth quoting. Actually, there are endless articles describing the lack of training, total incompetence, and the social order that promotes this horrible ''medical'' travesty.

If India is so critically short of doctors, why are they shipping them here? Of course the creatures sent here are of the lousiest quality imaginable, possibly they are being sent to improve their own system! For live-and-in-person experiences by yours truly, go read my essay “MEDICARE FRAUD” as it sure makes a case for dumping them.

Speaking of dumping, India doesn't have much in the way of a sewage system. Somewhere between 50 to 70 per cent of the population does not have a pot to crap in. I suppose the large variance in numbers is due to India being a 3rd world country so we'll just use 60 per cent for the following numbers.

With a population estimated at 1.35 billion, that means 810,000,000 folk have to drop trou daily and dump (there's that word again) a load wherever. Being vegetarian means the lumps are gonna be large.

Let's see, 810 million turds per day times 365 days a year equals 295,650,000,000 untreated turds per year. That's some heavy shit!

There was another number that bothered me a lot. Now, I'm quite aware of the extreme incompetence of the hindu “doctor” having experienced it on numerous occasions. However, not counting the very high abortion rate, 800,000 babies die each year, presumably from poor sanitation.

India is a mess and exporting their extremely pompous, “godlike”, poorly educated “doctors” is no solution. Keep them, maybe train them, India could sure use it. has a harmless job for hindu “doctors”:

An FBI agent posed as a person involved in the medical marijuana industry in Arizona. He had meetings with Yee (and a consultant accused of assisting in the laundering of donations to Yee), claiming he wanted to become a major player in the medical marijuana community in California—the “Anheuser-Busch” of medical marijuana, in fact. To do so, he wanted to get legislation passed in California that would make it harder for competition to exist. He was willing to give Yee money for his campaign for secretary of state in order to push for a law requiring medical marijuana dispensaries to have a doctor on staff. The report noted the agent telling Yee “If state legislation set high barriers for entry, such as requiring a medical doctor on staff, that would make it more difficult for small operators to open a business.”

Since they would have absolutely no function more useful than tits on a boar, it's perfect! Besides, hindus have extensive experience with fraud, it's a natural. Unfortunately, it'll only make more space to import more “highly skilled physicians”, Unlike "Who Let That Thing In? ", “Medicare Fraud” and “Decent Doctors” which are first person, the "Third World" stories are gleaned from news stories.

One 39 year old first-person story left out includes one of two young dot-brain “doctors” in the VA endoscopic OR performing whatever on some old gent's lower bowel and using the electro-cartery to seal bleeders. Normal stuff except there were no bleeders at all. This was observed through the external broadcast quality color camera which we usually left on and the general consensus was that the dot-brains just liked the little “zzzzz” sound of the electro-cartery or maybe the smell of frying bowel. Now the bowel was somewhat over-inflated, no big deal until it popped with an orange flame. Even a cub scout knows that farts burn.
Why no inert gas purge? Oh, that's right. Dot-brains. Back then there was zero malpractice in the VA, a ideal situation for incompetent “doctors”.

The bowel needs a little resection work and since he's already anesthetized and in the OR, no problem, right? “Skilled surgeons” and all...
Who's to say he wasn't going to die anyway?

Ya know, it's awful hard to take a people that have somewhere around 330 million "deities" seriously. A sorry little 3rd world country that "certifies" airline pilots with 35 minutes of flight time:

or sends us “medical” things like this creature : 

There are uncountable scads of stories like these across the net, however I need to warn you, there are several hindu sites I unfortunately came across that were crawling with malware. Keep your firewall(s) tight and your anti-viral(s) up to date, check for re-directs, and maybe you won't have scrape out your computer like your cleated boots after a hike through India!

The insufferable, narcissistic, holier-than-thou “personalities” of their “medical professionals” is explained by “Dr.” Nareshkumar Gandalal Patel's statement:

Patel went to medical school in India before moving to the United States in 1978. “Over there,” he said in a 1990 deposition, “doctors are considered as God.”

Yeah. Right. The Black Hole of Calcutta Hog Farm and Docterin' Skool. Elevates their alumni from “untouchable” to “god.” ...good old caste system with some of the most bigoted creatures on Earth.

At least they are Equal Opportunity bigots. Mexicans, Blacks, Caucasians, doesn't seem to matter.

Could their uncaring “medical” practices have anything to do with their belief in reincarnation? When they screw up as they normally do, will their victims come back “enlightened?”

I've sure been “enlightened” over the last few years.

I will not be Medicare fraud fodder for all these utterly unskilled hindu “doctors” any longer. I would expect maybe one flake in the lot but ALL?

This link is highly recommended. Reuters does decent research and this nails it:

Rampant fraud at medical schools leaves Indian healthcare in crisis

Here's a sample of the many pages at the site:


About 45 per cent of the people in India who practice medicine have no formal training, according to the Indian Medical Association. These 700,000 unqualified doctors have been found practicing at some of India’s biggest hospitals, giving diagnoses, prescribing medicines and even conducting surgery. ( there's approximately 60,000 of these "doctors" in the US, and multiplying by 0.45 (45%), that's 27,000 unqualified riki-tikis. This assumes you consider ANY of them qualified and after my rather extensive, multi-year experience with them, I don't, hell, I CAN'T.)

Video: India’s chronic shortage of doctors

REUTERS/Eve Johnson

Balwant Rai Arora, a Delhi resident in his 90s, said in an interview that he issued more than 50,000 fake medical degrees from his home until his forgery ring was broken up by the police in 2011. Each buyer paid about $100 for a degree from fictitious colleges. Arora was twice convicted and jailed for forgery.

There is a shortage of doctors in India. I am just helping people with some medical experience get jobs,’’ said Arora. “I haven’t done anything wrong.” (just because he's killing people. There is absolutely NO reason to let this filth in this country)

The market has been flooded with doctors so poorly trained they are little better than quacks,” Rao told Reuters.

Not that a legitimate degree necessarily makes a difference. A study in India published in 2012 compared doctors holding medical degrees with untrained practitioners. It found "no differences in the likelihood of providers’ giving a diagnosis or providing the correct treatment." The study, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation  concluded that in India, "training in and of itself is not a guarantor of high quality." (and it sure shows in the scum India ships here.)

Last year, an individual described as a “concerned” student at a rural government medical college in Ambajogai, in western India, posted a letter online with a litany of allegations about the school, Swami Ramanand Teerth Rural Medical College. (wheee, a genuine Swami college! I want to send my wife and kids to a well-trained "doc" from there!)

There were professors who existed only on paper, he alleged, and “no clinics and no lectures” for students in the medicine and surgery departments. Conditions were unsanitary at the hospital, and pigs and donkeys roamed the campus, he wrote. The writer also alleged that students had to pay bribes to pass exams.

"We are not taught in this medical college," the letter stated. Students have graduated without even attending a single day. The writer said the letter had been sent to various government agencies and health officials.

Records from the Medical Council of India, the body charged with maintaining the country’s medical education standards (an absolute joke), show that an inspection of the college this January found numerous deficiencies, including a shortage of faculty, residents and lecture theaters.

Dr. Nareshkumar S. Dhaniwala, (another Nareshkumar, wonder if it means "I am a dickhead" ?) who served as the principal of the college between 2011 and 2013, said “there is some truth in the
letter.” Animals, such as pigs and cows, do roam the campus, teachers and students don’t turn up for lessons, and there is a scarcity of running water in the dormitories, he said. And before he joined, he said, he heard students had to pay to pass final exams.

I found the students were not very interested in studying, they don’t come to classes, they don’t come to clinics,” Dhaniwala said. “Medical education has gone downhill all over the country because the teachers are not as devoted as they used to be.”
...but you can "graduate" and get to the US on a bullet-proof visa 'cause you're so damn good. My ass...

Read the whole site.

Who Let That Thing In?

T.S. Eliot once said, “Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm - but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.”

About 32 years ago, Joy, my former wife, and myself decided we should see a marriage counselor. We had a nice high-tech business, a pair of sons that were our pride, our house, the lab, 40 acres, all paid in full. We had mostly lost each other.

As I recall, pickings were pretty slim for shrinks in Lake City with only one, ____________ ____________ , advertised as a marriage counselor. We made an appointment and were truly amazed at the complete lack of professionalism by this jerk. He spent most of our “hour” telling us how wonderful he was, the number of “awards” he had received, how much his 4,500 patients loved him.... What?? I had a good friend, a real shrink by the name of Dr. John Davidson back in Silicon Valley, that had mentioned a total of 500 patients as a lifetime supply. Time to do a little research and having a boatload of friends left at the VA from my time at VACEP, asked one if she could find the source of the 4,500 victims. She did. Jails, prisons, state “mental health” clinics, and old age “warehouses”. Called on another friend who worked at the Lake City mental health place and she said he came in randomly, did NOT see any of his “patients”, just dispensed pills. I had her make me a list.   

Joy and I found another shrink, Dr. Helen Hardcastle, in Gainesville who was the real deal and knew what she was doing. After a few visits, I brought up the jerk and when I mentioned the “medications” he was dispensing, I thought she was going to blow a gasket. Several required blood tests before and during administration and one required constant liver enzyme monitoring. Yeah. Right. 4,500 victims.

Changing decades, several months ago I was coming back in from the patio where I had another bad experience trying to read a book; after 10 minutes or so, my eyes would start to jitter too badly to continue plus I always felt like my head was full of cottage cheese. As I approached my room, I observed 2 men standing outside the door to my room with one discussing some poor patient's medications. That poor patient was me and the “medication” was some random downer that gormless piece of shit was feeding me. Unethical? What else would you expect from a hindu like the fake "doctor",    ____________ ___________? I've watched him here, drugging everyone he "services" including 2 of my younger roommates into a state of zombie existence. I would think that would be considered an extremely unethical practice and it's allowed by the administration.

The ages of the residents of Macclenny and SHCC are approximately the same, however the incidences of dementia had been observed as much higher at SHCC. Wonder if ____________, had anything to do with it? That boy luvs perscribin' him som' pills... There's an interesting article from JAMA, "Chronic Anticholinergic Use and Dementia Risk", on the following pages. I've read many similar over the years, seen the effects, wonder if, nah... It's a hindu, no ethics, just self-love. I'd like to see the results of a MMPI, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory  test on him.

I wonder how many “adoring” victims that worthless, narcissistic, cretinous graduate of the “Black Hole of Calcutta Hog Farm and Docterin' Skool” has now? 45,000? How many have “benefited” from his vast and half-vassed medical “skills”?

We are all paying for this merde'.


Use of anticholinergic drugs linked to higher dementia risk   

Older adults who take anticholinergic drugs, which are commonly prescribed for a wide range of health conditions, may be at significantly higher risk of developing dementia—and the greater the use of the drugs, the higher the potential risk. The NIA-supported findings appeared online Jan. 26, 2015, in JAMA Internal Medicine.
Anticholinergics are prescribed for many health conditions in older people, including overactive bladder, seasonal allergies, and depression. Some are available over the counter and are often used as sleep aids. These medications block a neurotransmitter--acetylcholine—in the brain and body and may cause such side effects as impaired cognition, especially in older people. This side effect was thought to be reversible once the person stopped taking the medication.
However, researchers led by Dr. Shelly Gray, University of Washington School of Pharmacy, Seattle, showed that these medications may have a lasting impact. By analyzing records and data from the NIA-supported Group Health/University of Washington Adult Changes in Thought (ACT) study for drugs prescribed over 10 years to 3,434 adults age 65 and older, they calculated cumulative exposure to drugs with strong anticholinergic effects.
The analysis showed that 78 percent of ACT participants used anticholinergics at least once in 10 years. Nearly 800 participants (23 percent) developed dementia, usually Alzheimer’s. The higher the use of anticholinergics, the higher the risk of dementia, regardless of whether the drugs had been taken recently or years ago.
The findings suggest that physicians treating older people should prescribe alternatives to anticholinergics, when possible, or lower doses of the drugs. More studies are needed to determine to what extent stopping anticholinergics can reduce the risk of developing permanent dementia.
Reference: Gray SL, et al. Cumulative use of strong anticholinergics and incident dementia. JAMA Internal Medicine. Published online Jan. 26, 2015. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2014.7663.

Original Investigation | March 2015 Cumulative Use of Strong Anticholinergics and Incident Dementia A Prospective Cohort Study
Shelly L. Gray, PharmD, MS1; Melissa L. Anderson, MS2; Sascha Dublin, MD, PhD2,3; Joseph T. Hanlon, PharmD, MS4; Rebecca Hubbard, PhD2,5,6; Rod Walker, MS2; Onchee Yu, MS2; Paul K. Crane, MD, MPH7; Eric B. Larson, MD, MPH2,7
JAMA Intern Med. 2015;175(3):401-407. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2014.7663.


Importance: Many medications have anticholinergic effects. In general, anticholinergic-induced cognitive impairment is considered reversible on discontinuation of anticholinergic therapy. However, a few studies suggest that anticholinergics may be associated with an increased risk for dementia.
Objective: To examine whether cumulative anticholinergic use is associated with a higher risk for incident dementia.
Design, Setting, and Participants: Prospective population-based cohort study using data from the Adult Changes in Thought study in Group Health, an integrated health care delivery system in Seattle, Washington. We included 3434 participants 65 years or older with no dementia at study entry. Initial recruitment occurred from 1994 through 1996 and from 2000 through 2003. Beginning in 2004, continuous replacement for deaths occurred. All participants were followed up every 2 years. Data through September 30, 2012, were included in these analyses.
Exposures: Computerized pharmacy dispensing data were used to ascertain cumulative anticholinergic exposure, which was defined as the total standardized daily doses (TSDDs) dispensed in the past 10 years. The most recent 12 months of use was excluded to avoid use related to prodromal symptoms. Cumulative exposure was updated as participants were followed up over time.
Main Outcomes and Measures: Incident dementia and Alzheimer disease using standard diagnostic criteria. Statistical analysis used Cox proportional hazards regression models adjusted for demographic characteristics, health behaviors, and health status, including comorbidities.
Results: The most common anticholinergic classes used were tricyclic antidepressants, first-generation antihistamines, and bladder antimuscarinics. During a mean follow-up of 7.3 years, 797 participants (23.2%) developed dementia (637 of these [79.9%] developed Alzheimer disease). A 10-year cumulative dose-response relationship was observed for dementia and Alzheimer disease (test for trend, P < .001). For dementia, adjusted hazard ratios for cumulative anticholinergic use compared with nonuse were 0.92 (95% CI, 0.74-1.16) for TSDDs of 1 to 90; 1.19 (95% CI, 0.94-1.51) for TSDDs of 91 to 365; 1.23 (95% CI, 0.94-1.62) for TSDDs of 366 to 1095; and 1.54 (95% CI, 1.21-1.96) for TSDDs greater than 1095. A similar pattern of results was noted for Alzheimer disease. Results were robust in secondary, sensitivity, and post hoc analyses.
Conclusions and Relevance: Higher cumulative anticholinergic use is associated with an increased risk for dementia. Efforts to increase awareness among health care professionals and older adults about this potential medication-related risk are important to minimize anticholinergic use over time.

By Daniela Deane August 6, 2015 - Washington Post
People are developing dementia a decade before they were 20 years ago, perhaps because of environmental factors such as pollution and the stepped-up use of insecticides, a wide-ranging international study has found.
The study, which compared 21 Western countries between the years 1989 and 2010, found that the disease is now being regularly diagnosed in people in their late 40s and that death rates are soaring.
The study was published in the Surgical Neurology International journal, and its findings publicized in the London Times newspaper Thursday.
The problem was particularly acute in the United States, where neurological deaths in men aged over 75 have nearly tripled and in women risen more than fivefold, the leader of the study, Colin Pritchard from Bournemouth University, told the London Times.
Scientists quoted in the study said a combination of environmental factors such as pollution from aircraft and cars as well as widespread use of pesticides could be the culprit, the newspaper reported.
Early-onset dementia used to cover people developing the disease in their late 60s. Now, it’s meant to mean people much younger than that, the research showed.
The study found that deaths caused by neurological disease had risen significantly in adults aged 55 to74, virtually doubling in the over-75s.
Some 60 percent of the increase in deaths was attributed to dementias. Some 40 percent covered other neurological diseases such as Parkinson's and motor neurone disease, scientists told the London newspaper.
The sharp increase in death rates from dementia-related diseases cannot simply be blamed on an aging population or stepped-up diagnosis, Pritchard said.
“The rate of increase in such a short time suggested a silent or even a hidden epidemic, in which environmental factors must play a major part, not just aging,” he was quoted as saying. Pritchard said no single factor was to blame, but instead blamed the interaction between different chemicals and varying ypes of pollution.
“The environmental changes in the last 20 years have seen increases in the human environment of petro-chemicals — air transport, quadrupling of motor vehicles, insecticides and rises in background electro-magnetic field, and so on,” Pritchard was quoted by the newspaper as saying. The scientists said nobody wanted to put an end to modern advances. Instead, to make them safer.
Other experts quoted by the newspaper were skeptical about the causes for the increase.
Tom Dening, professor of dementia research at the University of Nottingham, said that falling death rates for cancer and heart disease could account for the spike in deaths from neurological disease since people “had to die of something.”
“We can’t conclude that modern life is causing these conditions at a younger age,” Dr. Simon Ridley, head of research at Alzheimer’s Reserach UK told the paper. “We know that Alzheimer’s and other dementias can have a complex interplay of risk factors.”
Pritchard warned, however, that it was “time for us to wake up and realise that a major problem we now face is unprecedented levels of neurological disease, not just the early dementias.”

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